DAUKY Socio Community

Do you have any idea about social matter or already have a social project? Let's make a move with your community to runs a social project, and attends the sharing session event with dr.Gamal Albinsaid as the mentor in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.


1. Goes to Europe

2. Coaching by dr.Gamal

3. Proposal Assistance


1. Free Material about Running a Social Project

2. Free Matrix for Social Project

3. Mentorship by dr.Gamal

4. Suistainability Method

5. Promoted the Social Project with Dauky and Elfoundation

6. Linked to the many NGOs and Companies.



1. Application Period (29 September)

Step #1: Purchase our products at all DAUKY stores in Indonesia
(Only Rp199.000 for each team/community.)

Step #2: Fill in the form on www.tiny.cc/daukycompetition

9 September 2018

2. Roadshow- Sharing Session*

a. Jakarta

b. Bandung

c. Yogyakarta

d. Surabaya

6 Oktober 2018

13 Oktober 2018

27 Oktober 2018

10 November 2018

3. Social Project Implemention

Oktober-Januari 2019*

4. Report Submission (Documents & Video 1-3 minutes)

a. Jakarta

b. Bandung

c. Yogyakarta

d. Surabaya





6. Judging Round I


7. Judging Round II (Pitching/Presentation)


8. Announcement of The Winner and The Top 3


9. Goes To Europe!

July 2019***

10. Coaching Session!

March-August 2019

*Place will be notified later
**Based on each cities
***Estimated Time

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