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Shipping costs

Items are shipped from East Jakarta, using JNE Express delivery service.

Shipping cost information can be checked here. (add Link web JNE)


Estimated Domestic Product Delivery

Jabodetabek: 3-7 working days

Outside Jabodetabek: 4-14 working days


Estimated International Product Delivery

Shipments abroad are expected to arrive within 30 business days. Please contact our CSO at 0818-0719-2562.

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As the spread of COVID-19 is more and more escalating, the prevention is all we need. To give you protection and comfort, we provide thermal scanner and hand sanitizer to all customer and staff. We ensure that our stores are all sterilized by spraying the disinfectant regularly. And worry not, our products are all steamed and are safe to buy. But you can choose to shop from home!You can still enjoy to shop here and have the same shopping experience as we have customer sercive who will answer all questions about our products.

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